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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an inherent business strategy for companies big and small. The industry has reached a point where technology is truly enabling the way enterprises manage their customer relationships.

CARUSO (Customer CAre and Relationship Support Office) is a project funded by the EU within the Fifth Framework Program. The project started January 1, 2000 and lasts until March 31, 2002. The goal of the CARUSO project is to generate a software tool kit that facilitates the building of CRM applications. European SMEs shall be enabled by a most advanced and highly integrated tool package to optimize their business operations to the mutual benefit of both supplier and consumer. CARUSO is designed as a multi-dimensional way of looking at markets, customers, suppliers, products, personnel, internal and external information, communication and action flow. This is accomplished by the following core features:

The tool design is focused on user-friendly and easy-to-operate platform. Emphasis is put on exploiting and optimizing existing tool packages as much as possible with regard to developing perfectly tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of different target groups in both arenas, business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

CARUSO partners description:

SFI is a software house in Portugal which participated in the earlier phase of the project. SFI is specialized in high-performance application development and creation of tailor-made software solutions.

This project is performed in cooperation with Cluster for Electronic COMmerce (C-ECOM), a EU founded project devoted to facilitate project cooperation. The C-ECOM project aims also at implementing an efficient process towards standardization. It sets up an open platform for the IST-Key Action II projects. CARUSO contributes to the C-ECOM platform in terms of standard-related deliverables by providing guidelines, best practices, technical specifications as well as XML-DTD's for CRM systems.

Avaliable resources: We have made several documents avaliable in order to promote the dissemination and understanding of CARUSO.

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