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InOpSys - View-Oriented Development of Software Components

Almost all recent practical description languages for software engineering agree in that complex information processing systems are best described using different, complementary views. To this end there exist various, fundamentally different models for the relevant aspects such as data, state transitions, recursive definitions at all levels as well as the dynamics and mobility of self-configuring networks. Another topic is the stepwise development of such systems.

In cooperation with four partners: Manfred Broy, Bernhard Möller, Tobias Nipkow, and Wolfgang Reif, this project aims at the development of an interoperable toolkit of formal models which concisely interact und thus adequately represent different aspects and layers of real systems.

In particular, we plan to investigate, how view-oriented development of software components can be supported by formal methods. This task comprises the modelling of static, dynamic, and structural properties of software components and their integration into a common semantical framework, the development of an institution independent module algebra including a concept of parameterisation, proof methods for software component properties, and refinement calculi for the step-wise development of software components. The different views will be described using the theory of observational algebras, event structures and module algebras.

Contact: Martin Wirsing, Alexander Knapp.

Project homepage: InOpSys

Funding: Inopsys is funded as project WI 841/6-1 by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (

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