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MMISS - MultiMedia Instructions in Safe Systems


The goal of the MMISS project is to create a multimedia, internet-based, adaptive teaching and learning system for the education of computer science. The area of high industrial and social relevance will be covered in the entire curriculum of the field "Safe Systems". It will be used in regular teaching activities of the universities involved in this project as well as the summer school "Female in Computer Science". It will also provide teaching in other German and European universities, as well as further education for employee in industry.

The system offers a consistent way for preparing the classical teaching material (foils, books, scripts, assignments, etc.) in hypermedia format and integrates formal tools for developing correct software. It is thereby able to support not only traditional face-to-face teaching but also distance learning through interactive instruction, coaching and cooperative self-study.

The main effort will be the maintaining of a coherent and constant system, which can only be achieved by applying comprehensive semantic networking globally. Moreover, the semantic approach, which is also a formal software development strategy, will also be utilized for the management of different versions and system configurations so that it can ensure a continual and lasting lecture content in case of knowledge-base expansion.
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Project Partners

The MMISS project is being funded by the BMBF (German Ministry for Education and Research). It is a joint project from the following universities:
Universität Bremen
Universität Freiburg
FernUniversität Hagen
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Unversität des Saarlandes

Project members in Munich

Prof. Dr. Martin Wirsing
Prof. Dr. Fred Kröger
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Rolf Hennicker
Dr. Stephan Merz
Dipl. Inf. Florian Hacklinger
Dipl. Kfm. Philipp Meier

Contributed contents of the LMU Munich

The LMU Munich contributes these contents to the MMISS project (in brackets after the title are the responsible persons mentioned):

Formal Object-Oriented Software Development (Wirsing, Hennicker)

Priniciples of System Development (Wirsing, Merz)

Temporal Logic (Kröger, Merz)

Model Checking (Merz)

Florian Hacklinger
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