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Warning: "umc" is a prototype used internally at ISTI for the experimentation of "on the fly" techniques for model-checking UML statecharts, and for investigating possible temporal logics for UML models. No offical "public release" has officially ever been made of umc, and no distribution of the code has ever been planned for it.

A public web-based interface for interacting with a local version of the tool can be found at the URL:

In this directory we provide all the sources of the command-line oriented tool "umc". To generate the executable "umc", just use the command:

>  gnatmake umc

where "gnatmake" is one of the commands of the GCC-based GNAT-Ada compilation Environment (see

Some documentation (related to version 2.5 of the tool) can be found in UMC-UGV25.pdf Both supported or free versions of GNAT exist for Unix, Macintosh and Window systems.

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April 29, 2005