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Am Lehrstuhl PST entwickelte Werkzeuge

Am Lehrstuhl PST werden folgende Werkzeuge entwickelt:

Model-Based Web Engineering

UWE is a software engineering approach for the Web domain aiming to cover the whole life-cycle of Web application development.

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Service Engineering: The Sensoria Development Environment (SDE)

The Sensoria Development Environment is intended to support the development of Service-Oriented Software by integrating the various tools developed as part of the Sensoria project as well as external tools to support the development, analysis, and deployment of service-oriented software systems.

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Analysing Modal Input/Output Automata

The MIO Workbench is an Eclipse-based verification tool and editor for modal I/O automata (MIOs), which are used for formally specifying the behaviour of software components or services.

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Model-Driven Development of SOA Systems

MDD4SOA is a model-driven development approach for SOA applications. It is based on UML2 models and model transformations. UML2 is extended to model service-oriented software; in particular, for modelling orchestrations of services inside a SOA-based system.

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Building Pervasive-Adaptive Systems

REFLECT provides a software framework with a set of practical tools is developed which can be used for building pervasive, adaptable, self-organized systems that seamlessly collaborate with users and control their environments.

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Connected Information Management

Hyena is a wiki + database + synchronization

(between online and offline version). Hyena organizes your data, makes it available everywhere, and integrates with other applications.

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Model-Checking UML

Hugo/RT is a UMLmodel translator for model checking, theorem proving, and code generation: A UML model containing active classes with state machines, collaborations, interactions, and OCL constraints can be translated into the system languages of the real-time model checker UPPAAL, the on-the-fly model checker SPIN, the system language of the theorem prover KIV, and into Java and SystemC code.

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