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Oberseminar 15.07.2010

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Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag: Prof. Reussner / Erik Burger

  • Oberseminar
Wann 15.07.2010
von 09:15 bis 10:45
Wo Raum L109, Oettingenstr. 67
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Es findet ein wissenschaftlicher Vortrag statt.

Prof. Reussner / Erik Burger : Formal Certification of Software Components

We propose an approach to certify the non-functional properties of component-based software which is based on a formal refinement calculus, using the performance abstractions of the Palladio Component Model. The certification process guarantees the conformance of a component implementation to its specification regarding performance properties, without having to expose the source code of the product to a certification authority. The refinement steps are described as Prolog rules so that the validity of refinement between two performance descriptions can be checked automatically.