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Oberseminar 27.04.2010

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Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag: Gefei Zhang

  • Oberseminar
Wann 27.04.2010
von 14:15 bis 15:45
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 Gefei Zhang: Modeling the Car Crash Crisis Management System

Using HiLA High-level Aspects (HiLA) is an aspect-oriented extension of UML state machines which helps improve the modularity of state machine models including history-based features and synchronization. In this talk, we present a brief overview of HiLA and show how a car crash crisis management system is modeled by HiLA.

Gefei Zhang: Aspect-Oriented UI Modeling with State Machines

Separated modeling of User Interface (UI) widgets is a very natural way to tackle the complexity of UI models. Due to interactions between widgets, however, this is not always an easy task. We propose an aspect-oriented approach to widget-oriented UI modeling: each widget's behavior is modeled separately in a UML state machine; synchronization of the state machines is modeled in aspects and is woven into the widget models automatically. The weaving process is transparent to the modeler. This way, we can strongly increase the degree of separation of concerns in UI modeling and reduce the complexity of UI models.