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Oberseminar 09.06.2015

14:15h - 15:45h

Raum 057, Oet. 67


Daniel Fritsch: Modeling Web Security Requirements in Practice

Bachelorarbeit, betreut von Marianne Busch

Abstract tba


Thomas Gabor: Self-Organization in Evolutionary Systems: Models and Patterns for Adaptive System Design

Masterarbeit, betreut von Matthias Hölzl

In the face of the ubiquitous use of complex programs in direct interaction with the at times astonishing physical world, software systems are under increasing pressure to act and react autonomously, thus requiring the use of machine learning and related techniques to adapt to new situations. The concept of evolution serves as an archetype for self-adaptation in long-running systems subjected to copious external constraints and has been applied with great success to a variety of search problems. However, such adaptive behavior, arising through a commitment to nondeterministic learning algorithms, is often accompanied by an inherent loss of predictability of the system. As suggested by the ASCENS project, this issue can be responded to by the thorough use of formal methods for the development of complex software systems. In order to further investigate the applicability of evolutionary algorithms as a pervasive learning method for complex software, this thesis is concerned with means to integrate evolution with ASCENS’s system models both on a conceptual and a practical level.