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Oberseminar 14.04.2015

14:15h - 15:45h

Raum 057, Oet. 67


Simon Wirth: Visualisierung von Rollen-basierter Adaption in Helena mit JavaFX

Bachelorarbeit, betreut von Annabelle Klarl

Abstract tba


Björn Buchner: Efficacy of Embedding Constraint Programming into Automated Acceptance Tests

Masterarbeit, betreut von Christian Kroiß


Acceptance tests help stakeholders and customers to decide whether a system satisfies their expectations. In the past few years automatic acceptance tests have gained importance. However, they still require a business expert, tester, or developer who defines input and expected output data. This is an error-prone process because the data are usually derived from ambiguous textual or verbal descriptions. Furthermore, creating the data initially and updating them later when requirements change can be a labor-intensive task. One way around this problem is to describe the expected behavior of the system in terms of constraints. A constraint programming system can be used to generate input and expected output data based on the constraints. Usually the amount of generated data will be too large to be used in their entirety. A business expert, tester, or developer will systematically select a subset of test-cases and transfer it to one of the automatic acceptance test tools. This thesis addresses how the acceptance test tool FitNesse can be extended so the described process can be done completely in FitNesse. It introduces extensions to FitNesse's language which allow the definition of constraint programs to generate test data as well as the automatic selection thereof.