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Oberseminar 11.11.2014

Studentenvorträge zu Projekt- und Abschlussarbeiten

14:15h - 15:45h

Raum 057, Oet. 67


Tabea Waizmann - An Eclipse plugin for Layered Queuing Networks - Conversion of LQNs to PEPA

This thesis describes the implementation of a tool to parse layered queuing networks into a Java class structure and convert them into an equivalent PEPA model. First, an Xtext plugin to parse the input grammar for layered queuing networks was created and methods to retrieve information from the resulting class structure were implemented. In the following, a framework for conversion to PEPA was programmed by use of the existing PEPA to Eclipse plugin for PEPA. Finally, the performance of the program for di erent network sizes and structures was analysed.


Prof. Mirco Tribastone - Exact Fluid Lumpability for Chemical Reaction Networks

Chemical reaction networks (CRNs) are a popular mathematical model of systems in a number of disciplines including organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, systems biology, ecology, and epidemiology. They can also be seen as a kernel programming language for natural computation, where the output of an algorithm is given by the species’ concentrations over time, as prescribed by an underlying ordinary differential equation semantics. In this talk we consider the problem of relating CRNs. We study exact fluid lumpability, a partition of species satisfying the dynamical property that species in the same block have the same output at all time points if initialized equally. Inspired by analogous approaches in traditional models of computation such as labelled transition systems, we characterize this property as a behavioral equivalence over species which can be checked efficiently only using structural information about the reactions in the CRN. For its use as a model-reduction tool, we give an algorithm to construct a quotient CRN induced by exact fluid lumpability. Further, we provide an algorithm that computes the coarsest partition in polynomial time. As an application, we find significant reductions in a number of models of biological processes available in the literature.

This is joint work with Luca Cardelli and Max Tschaikowski.