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Oberseminar 20.01.2015

Studentenvorträge zu Projekt- und Abschlussarbeiten

14:15h - 15:45h

Raum 057, Oet. 67


Otto Voggenreiter - General Game Playing in Rewriting Logic

Bachelorarbeit, betreut von Lenz Belzner

Writing software with the ability to make rational decisions based on given knowledge is an important part in the development of Artificial Intelligence. That ability is crucial to play games of strategy successfully what makes them particularly suitable for testing Artificial Intelligence.
General Game Playing(GGP) is a test environment, where intelligent agents can compete against each other in random games. At this case making rational decisions means choosing sensible moves and the game rules are the given knowledge.
Because Maude also separates the thinking process from given knowledge and additionally provides efficient tools to make conclusions, it suits well to be used for implementing a GGP player. This talk explains the foundations of General Game Playing and Maude, and introduces MaudePlayer, a simple GGP client using the advantages of the Maude System.