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This is a list of tools which I have developed as part of various research efforts. Each is accompanied by at least one publication. All tools are open source.

Service Development Environment (SDE) (formerly Sensoria Development Environment)

The SDE is a tool integration environment based on Eclipse and OSGi which has been used to integrate various experimental software development tools in the EU project Sensoria and the Nessos network of excellence. The SDE has been developed in the EU project Sensoria.

You can find out more about the SDE on the SDE website.

The Modal Input/Output Automata (MIO) Workbench

The MIO Workbench is a textual/graphical verification tool for working with interface theories on modal input/automata. It is based on the Eclipse and GMF platforms.

You can find more about the MIO Workbench on the MIO workbench website.

Science Cloud Platform (SCP)

The Science Cloud Platform (SCP) is an implementation of an autonomic cloud; it realizes a cloud computing environment for executing applications in a peer-to-peer fashion on voluntarily provided computing nodes.

You can find more information about the SCP on the SCP website.

The XLL Tool

The XLL tools consists of a set of plug-ins for Eclipse which add generic multi-language awareness and cross-language linking support to Eclipse. In addition, they add highlighting, error marking, navigation, and automated rename refactoring support for five languages, including rename refactoring across more than two languages.

You can find more information about the XLL tool on the XLL project tool web page.