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CoCoME - Common Component Modelling Example

Modelling the CoCoME with the Java/A Component Model



  • UML, State Machines, Java/A
  • Rolf Hennicker, Stephan Janisch, Alexander Knapp. On the Compositional Analysis of Hierarchical Components with Explicit Ports. 2007. Submitted. [pdf]


  • CoCoME book chapter, 30 pages [pdf], 2007/06/22
  • CoCoME extended version of book chapter, 47 pages [pdf], 2007/07/20
  • MagicDraw UML 12.1 project file [zip], 2007/07/20
  • PDF files of the MagicDraw UML diagrams [zip], 2007/07/20
  • FSP modelling up to the CashDeskLine [zip], 2007/07/12


  • Java/A (including the cocome implementation in 'examples') [tar.gz]
  • Hugo [http]
  • LTSA (analyser for FSP): java standalone [http], eclipse-plugin [http]
  • MagicDraw UML (commercial) [http]