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Model Driven Development of Web Applications

Web Engineering is a young branch of Software Engineering, which aims at developing high-quality Web applications. The current, still maturing modeling methodologies show a number of gaps. In particular, they do not provide support for workflow-driven Web applications or automatic generation, nor is any all-round support from requirements elicitation to testing Web applications available. The ever-emerging and ever-changing technologies and platforms make developing high-quality Web applications even more challenging.

The goal of the project MAEWA is - based on UML-based Web-Engineering (UWE) - to close these gaps in a model driven way and to improve the quality of constructing Web systems by systemizing the development process of Web applications. Model based development also helps achieve a better maintainability of Web applications by means of documented and reusable models. The focus of the project is the following:

  • Modeling of workflow driven Web applications
  • Automatic generation of Web applications
  • Validation of models and programs of Web applications
A special characteristic of our approach is the use of formal methods, by means of which the quality of generation algorithms and validation techniques is improved.

Publications (selection):

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People: Martin Wirsing, Gefei Zhang, Nora Koch, Andreas Kraus, Rolf Hennicker.

Sponsoring: MAEWA is sponsored by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft ( as project WI 841/7-1.